Media removed in Content Samurai

Media removed in Content Samurai

The clips that are part of your video come from our media partner StoryBlocks, which has a library of over 790,000 video clips.

Some of the clips in their library originate from 3rd party videographers, and from time to time, these videographers may remove some of their clips from the StoryBlocks system.

Any existing videos that you have created are still covered under the terms of the original StoryBlocks license (ie. you can still publish those rendered, generated videos to YouTube, Facebook etc), however, you will not be able to use these removed video clips to generate any new videos.

At the moment this means you'll need to find replacement video clips from the available StoryBlock library for those scenes which have had their clips removed.

We understand that this is a frustrating issue, and we're working with StoryBlocks on a solution to this in the future.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our support team.

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