How to upload your own background track

How to upload your own background track

If you have a specific sound in mind for your video and you want to add your own custom background music track to your Content Samurai video, you're in luck - it's really easy! 

Here's how it's done:

In the Preview section of the app click Music, then the 'My Music' tab.

Here you'll find an 'Upload Music' button - click that button.

Once that button has been clicked you'll see this important message.

To proceed, make sure you click the checkbox and hit continue

Next, you'll need to find the Music Track on your computer and click Open

Once the music track uploads you'll see it in a list on the left of the screen, so you can use it on any other videos you create.

Note: Your video length isn't decided by the background music track, so the video length won't change for a custom background music track. 

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