How do I add a motion video background?

How do I add a motion video background?

Adding a video motion background to a slide allows a video clip to play in the background.

By having a video clip playing in the background you can hear the voiceover and see the slide text while the video plays, which is a great way to make your videos really pop!

It's worth noting that motion video backgrounds won't play the audio of the video clip and only play for the length of the slide. If you want the video to play for longer, you'll need to extend how long that slide is displayed for in the Preview section of the app.

Now, let's learn how to add a motion video background to a slide:

Head to the Slides section of the app, click the Media tab, Uploads, then select the 'Clips' radio button.

If you haven't already uploaded your video clips, click the big green Upload Video button to upload a video from your computer. Or you can select a previously uploaded video.

Now it's just a matter of clicking on the video clip to add it to your slide.

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