How do I add a video clip?

How do I add a video clip?

Adding a video clip to your slide deck is a great way to push your video to the next level - which is why we've made it really easy!

Adding video clips are incredibly useful for adding an intro or outro, a talking head clip etc.

Here's how to add a clip to your slide deck:

In your slide deck you'll see a few options that are found before the first slide, between each slide and also after the last slide.

One of those buttons is the 'Add Video Clip' button.

Clicking that button will add a slide that reads 'Please select or upload a Video Clip'

Now you can either use the big green button to upload video clips from your computer to your library, or use a previously uploaded video clip.

All you need to do is click on the video and it will be added to the video clip slide.

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