2018 Update History

2018 Update History

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December 20th

  • Added a dialogue box in the Preview section for any missings media assets

December 14th

  • We've integrated 350,000+ Storyblocks video clips into Content Samurai - now all the clips results you find in the Media tab of the Scene section of the app will come from Storyblocks!
  • Fixed a minor bug with the Creative Commons licence link in the Download section of the app

December 12th

  • We made changes to the Dashboard that make it load faster and more reliably.

December 11th

  • Added support for larger uploaded voice-over tracks.

December 10th

  • In addition to being able to alter the Auto-voice speed, you can now alter the speed of user-uploaded & browser recorded voice type videos!
  • We now support .m4a uploaded voiceover tracks.

December 7th

  • You can now alter the speed of the Auto-voice speed by using a new slider in the Preview section of the app!
  • Fixed a bug that caused music timing options to be a little off. This one reminded me of when you say something embarrassing and the music cuts out so everyone can hear you.

December 4th

  • Video clips (like Intro clips, Outro Clips, Talking Head clips etc.) are now watchable in the Preview section!

November 20th

  • The load times for the Preview section have been greatly decreased.

November 14th

  • The overall quality for voice tracks has been improved.

November 8th

  • Fixed a bug that would show the last slide sideways.

November 5th

  • Motion Video Backgrounds are now watchable in the Preview section!

October 29th

  • We've greatly improved the quality of the AI Voice!
  • Now you can set a slide to have no timing so it's skipped over, just in case you want that kind of thing...

October 18th

  • Now when you change from image to clips (or vice versa) the app will search for new results. More automation = more lazy = more awesome!

October 17th

  • Fixed a bug that was causing videos not generate due to issues with certain types of images.

October 10th

  • Certain backgrounds video clips found using the in-app search feature will now render successfully.

October 9th

  • Fixed a minor bug where setting a background image wouldn't show in the app. Our magical developers have slain this beast!

October 4th

  • Fixed a minor bug for templates that require a side-bar image. This fix is mainly for templates found in the 'Property Listing Videos' section.

October 3rd

  • Made further improvements to the in-app image searching. Now you can specify which type of cat image you need!

September 20th

  • Improved the quality of images returned when searching from within the app. More overall images mean more cat images - you're welcome!

September 5th

  • You can now search for videos clips, as well as images, and add them to slides - all from inside the app!

August 20th

  • The microphone levels weren't showing, now they are. Booyah!

August 16th

  • We gave Content Samurai a complete visual makeover!

August 8th

  • Sample voice tracks for auto voice are now higher quality
  • Added codec information on the Download page for Windows users

July 31st

  • Minor template image fixes
  • Minor API fixes

July 30th

  • New auto voices for Aus and UK have been released and updated in the app (US voices were already on the newer updated version).

July 26th

  • Specific options have been set for each template

What this means:

- Each time you choose a different template for a video, the defaults for that template is applied to your video (overwriting your current settings on the video.)
- As a user, you can edit the default slide generation options for your custom templates.

July 19th

  • Improved stability of template options for future Real Estate templates
  • You can now use the 'link a slide' option on a slide that doesn't already have an image on it!

July 17th

  • Improved stability of template options for future templates

July 13th

  • Improved how the automatic user options (found in the Script section of the app) have been improved

July 12th

  • Brought back The Biff image backgrounds on templates!

July 10th

  • Flushed out some gremlins in the video generation section of the app.

What this means:

- Better error messages when going into slides (less claiming it was the connection when it wasn’t)
- Users are no longer allowed to edit the script if they have >= 200 slides.
- Fixed a potential issue that could have been causing lockups has been removed
- The connection should be more resilient to timeouts when going into slides

July 6th

  • Added new template example videos to the app

June 29th

  • Fixed a few minor template bugs

June 28th

  • The templates section has been updated to make it easier to create the perfect video style

June 25th

  • Added a warning message when converting a Landscape (16:9) video that has video clips into a Square (1:1) format. It's just a reminder to switch out the videos so they display correctly when downloaded.

June 15th

  • Fixed a minor caching problem with already generated videos

June 14th

  • Text to speech added to the app!

May 18th

  • Fixed major stability issues!

May 17th

  • The manual timing area in Preview has been improved and now runs smoother than ever!

May 11th

  • Significant improvements have been made to the quality of automatic images.
  • Overall improvements to the image search performance

May 3rd

  • Fixed a grouped slides bug - now you can group those suckers properly.

May 1st

  • Fixed a bug that would cause our Audio servers to fall over. Improvements, yay!

April 20th

  • Made the app more stable by improving the code. Now the app shouldn't fall over with really, really big scripts - hooray!

April 19th

  • We have renamed the first section of the app to "Templates" from "Style" to better represent the module.

April 11th

  • Have you heard the buzz? We've switched the default template to the "Viral Buzz" template.

March 29th

  • You can now see the video title in the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen. No more guessing which video you're working on... unless you want to! #followyourdreams

March 27th

  • Fixed issue that caused the app to randomly crash when you had the 'Automatically Select Images for me' option checked.

March 13th

  • Fixed issue that caused slide rendering to hang forever when loading the Slides section.

March 12th

  • Motion Video Backgrounds are out. Now you can finally add funny cat videos to your slides!

March 8th

  • Fixed a minor issue that would switch your media type when moving between slides. Now slides with images show image results and slides with videos show video results - simple!

March 6th

  • Fixed an annoying issue that was causing our servers to fall over when generating certain videos, that would cause an outage for all users!

March 5th

  • Fixed an issue causing slow rendering times - Content Samurai is now spitting out videos faster than ever before!

March 2nd

  • We made significant fixes to the generation process.
  • We've moved the layout option to the menu that runs along to the top of each slide!

Feb 26th

  • Style background images are... well... back!
  • Fixed minor issue with slide background images

Feb 22nd

  • Updated 1st video in the Help section to a newer version
  • Added 9 point layout to the app - now you get the point!

Feb 21st

  • Fixed minor server issues with that control the Voice section of the app

Feb 16th

  • Updated the 'Help' page with new Getting Started videos that include our brand new features

Feb 15th

  • Added more 'Style' to the app with a new section!

Feb 8th

  • We've squashed the bug that wouldn't delete images from your Content Samurai image library.

Jan 9th

  • Fixed a bug where unchecking 'Add Transitions' didn't do anything.
  • Content Samurai will now automatically flip uploaded images so they are the correct way up.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented images with non-alphabet characters (#$%&!) in the name when uploading to your image library! Now you can hashtag to your heart's content! #yay

Jan 7th

  • Fixed an issue where slides were bunched up at the start of your timeline. We've separated the troublemakers!

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