2018 Update History

2018 Update History

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March 29th

  • Have you heard the buzz? We've switched the default theme to the "Viral Buzz" theme.

March 29th

  • You can now see the video title in the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen. No more guessing which video you're working on... unless you want to! #followyourdreams

March 27th

  • Fixed issue that caused the app to randomly crash when you had the 'Automatically Select Images for me' option checked.

March 13th

  • Fixed issue that caused slide rendering to hang forever when loading the Slides section.

March 12th

  • Motion Video Backgrounds are out. Now you can finally add funny cat videos to your slides!

March 8th

  • Fixed a minor issue that would switch your media type when moving between slides. Now slides with images show image results and slides with videos show video results - simple!

March 6th

  • Fixed an annoying issue that was causing our servers to fall over when generating certain videos, that would cause an outage for all users!

March 5th

  • Fixed an issue causing slow rendering times - Content Samurai is now spitting out videos faster than ever before!

March 2nd

  • We made significant fixes to the generation process.
  • We've moved the layout option to the menu that runs along to the top of each slide!

Feb 26th

  • Style background images are... well... back!
  • Fixed minor issue with slide background images

Feb 22nd

  • Updated 1st video in the Help section to a newer version
  • Added 9 point layout to the app - now you get the point!

Feb 21st

  • Fixed minor server issues with that control the Voice section of the app

Feb 16th

  • Updated the 'Help' page with new Getting Started videos that include our brand new features

Feb 15th

  • Added more 'Style' to the app with a new section!

Feb 8th

  • We've squashed the bug that wouldn't delete images from your Content Samurai image library.

Jan 9th

  • Fixed a bug where unchecking 'Add Transitions' didn't do anything.
  • Content Samurai will now automatically flip uploaded images so they are the correct way up.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented images with non-alphabet characters (#$%&!) in the name when uploading to your image library! Now you can hashtag to your heart's content! #yay

Jan 7th

  • Fixed an issue where slides were bunched up at the start of your timeline. We've separated the troublemakers!

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