Where and why is Bing data used?

If you're wondering where and why Bing data is being used in Market Samurai, this article will explain where we are using Bing data, and exactly why this change was made.

In 2012 and 2016 we had to switch the source for some types of data away from Google due to technical reasons (you can read the entire story here for the 2012 change and here for the 2016 change).

Bing's database is comparable to Google's in general size, even if Bing is not used as often by the general public - so numbers like SEOC (which are quantitative values) are still relevant.  Of course, they won't always be exactly the same as Google's figures.

We also have another data provider, Majestic SEO, that provide us with competition metrics. We’ve updated our Golden Rules filters to use the new Majestic SEO competition metrics, instead of the increasingly-unreliable SEOC values. You can read about Majestic competition metrics here.

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