Clearing Cookies and Cache in your browser

Some types of problems (particularly in the Bing Keyword Planner) can be improved by clearing the cookies and cache in your system default browser.

Even if you use Firefox or Chrome for everyday surfing, Samurai products use the system default browser internally - which is Internet Explorer in Windows, and Safari on the Mac OS.  The settings for those browsers are what matters when troubleshooting Samurai products.

For Windows:

NOTE: For Windows 10 users, there is another browser called Edge that is installed with Windows. The icon for this browser can look a lot like Internet Explorer, however the following instructions must be done in Internet Explorer, and not Edge.

1) Close Market Samurai.

2) Open up Internet Explorer, then go to the menu "Tools" (which resembles a gear in the upper-right corner since IE 8) and select "Internet Options". 

3) In the "General" tab there will be a sub-heading "Browsing History":

  • Hit "Delete" for this subheading 
  • Uncheck the checkbox "Preserve Favourites Website Data"
  • Put a check mark in all other boxes.
  • Then hit 'Delete', then 'Apply', then 'Ok'.

Here is a short video that shows this process:

For Mac OS X:

Open Safari, go to the Safari Application Menu, click "Preferences", then "Privacy".

Ensure that "Block cookies" is set either to "Never", or to "From third-parties and advertisers".

Then, click the "Details" button above, and on the next screen click the "Remove All" button.

Once you've done this, wait a few minutes, then try your analysis again.

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