Seed Keyword Variations

If Market Samurai was unable to generate any keywords based on your seed keyword, there are a couple of things you can try...

  1. Add or remove some keywords

    If your seed keyword was actually made up of a few words, try trimming it down to be more generic. For example, you could use 'dog training' in place of 'how to train my dog to fetch'.

    On the flip side, if your keyword was made up of a single word, try adding some variations to the beginning or end. For example; you could use 'cheese pizza' or 'homemade pizza' in place of 'pizza'.

    There is no magical answer when it comes to this, so the best thing to do is to try a few alternatives before giving up!

  2. Use a different variation

    If you still can't get any results, it may indicate that the seed keyword itself is very targeted and doesn't yield any matches, and in this case you may need to try an alternative.

    For example, if you performed a search using the seed keyword 'natural sweeteners' and no results were returned, you could try some alternatives that are completely different, yet still relate back to 'natural sweeteners' in some way. Some possible alternatives could be 'healthy sweets', 'honey', 'organic sugar'.

  3. Recent Data Provider Changes

    One downside to our recent change to Bing data (more info here) has been a reduced number of keywords being generated, especially when setting a specific language/region. At the moment Bing will only return a maximum of 200 keywords for each search, but it is common for the number of keywords returned be be under 50, or even none if you have set a specific language/region (other than English/All Regions), or if Bing doesn't have any matching keywords for the seed keyword.

    We are working on improving this by modifying our Bing API calls, and if that doesn't work, we'll look into some other options - so sit tight while we work on improving things!

    In the meantime one option is to try English/All Regions and see if that gets you more keywords that you can work with. It's also worth trying some different seed keywords, as a slightly different variation of the keyword can yield results.

    We have a list of support Bing Language/Region Combinations here -

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