Google Keyword Planner Showing Range Results Update - September 2016 [RESOLVED]

Google Keyword Planner Showing Range Results Update - September 2016 [RESOLVED]

Over the past few weeks Google have rolled out a number of changes to their Google Keyword Planner, which is where Market Samurai gets some of it's metrics from. It started with a move away from specific search numbers for keywords, replaced by a range instead.

It now appears that for a number of users, Google require payment and an active campaign in Google Adwords in order to use the Google Keyword Planner at all.

Some users may have already experienced these issues within Market Samurai, with 2 main symptoms showing:

  1. The app is unable to retrieve data from the Google Keyword Planner, and an "Unable To Reach The Google Keyword Planner" error message is displayed when trying to generate keywords with Market Samurai.
  2. Searches/SEOT numbers will all be similar, and lower than what you'd expect. This is a result of the new ranges data that was mentioned at the beginning of this announcement.

We are currently looking at various options to get meaningful and valid search metrics in Market Samurai.

We hope to have more answers in the next 24 hours, and we really appreciate your patience :-)

The Noble Samurai Team


----------- Update 14/9/2016 8:30PM AEST -----------

We've released an update that should return traffic data for all users. To get this update open up Market Samurai and accept the update to v 0.94.01

If you still can't get Keyword Research data, please submit a ticket here explaining what error you are seeing on the screen.

Thanks again for being so patient whilst we worked on this :) 

Over the coming days there will be further updates to fine tune things.

- Tom


----------- Update 26/9/2016 9:00AM AEST -----------

This issue has been marked as resolved.

The latest version of Market Samurai (0.94.03) is using the Bing API to get keyword suggestions and traffic numbers. The reasons for this switch to the Bing API can be found in this blog post.

We've also updated the Default Golden Rules filter to work with the Bing numbers, and we'll be updating the filters once we get a better understanding of what works best with the Bing numbers.

Currently the Bing API only supports the following language/region combinations:

Argentina (AR) Spanish

Australia (AU) English

Brazil (BR) Portuguese

Canada (CA) English

Canada (CA) French

Chile (CL) Spanish

Colombia (CO) Spanish

Denmark (DK) Danish

Finland (FI) Finnish

France French

Germany (DE) German

Hong Kong (HK) Traditional Chinese

India (IN) English

Indonesia (ID) English

Ireland (IE) English

Italy (IT) Italian

Malaysia (MY) English

Mexico (MX) Spanish

Netherlands (NL) Dutch

New Zealand (NZ) English

Norway (NO) Norwegian

Peru (PE) Spanish

Philippines (PH) English

Singapore (SG)   English

Spain (ES) Spanish

Sweden (SE) Swedish

Taiwan (TW) Traditional Chinese

Thailand (TH) English

United Kingdom (GB) English

United States (US) English

Venezuela (VE) Spanish

Vietnam (VN) English

If your Market Samurai project file is set to any other combination it will fallback to All Regions/English and return data for that combination.

If you continue to have issues, please contact support here.


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