Rank Tracker - 11th May 2016 [RESOLVED]

Rank Tracker - 11th May 2016 [RESOLVED]

--- 17/5/2016 10:00am AEST ---

The good news is that thing should be back to normal :)

Our data provider has improved their throughput, and it is almost back to what we would consider to be normal. Our system is now receiving the updates within the required timeframe, and we're able to push the rankings updates out to our users.

We'll continue to monitor this over the next week, and work with our data provider to try keeps things moving along.

--- 11/5/2016 10:50am AEST ---

Rank Tracker is currently experiencing some issues that is resulting in delayed updates, and also incomplete updates for some users.

The root cause of this is that our data provider is having problems returning Google SERPs to us within the required time frame. They are aware of the issue, and they are working hard to resolve the issue. At this stage there isn't a whole lot we can do on our end, but we're keeping at eye on the Google times, and as soon as we notice an improvement we'll let you know.

Once things are back to normal we'll make sure everyone who missed an update (or received an incomplete update) will get a fresh ranking update.

We're really sorry about the inconvenience this is causing you, and we thank you for your patience whilst we work through this.


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