How is Question Samurai different to Market Samurai?

In a nutshell, Market Samurai helps you with the first step in the SEO process and Question Samurai helps you with the second.

While they may appear similar, they serve two vital, yet different, purposes…

*Market Samurai is a “Keyword” Research tool.*

Many people are unaware that 99% of the keywords people type into Google have little (or no) value. Using both qualitative and quantitive data from multiple different sources, Market Samurai allows you to quickly assess a range of keywords with ease so you can make calculated data-driven decisions on their value, and your chances of ranking for them.

For example, if you were in the fishing market, Market Samurai may help you uncover that “trout fishing lures” is a good keyword to target. You can then cherry pick these valuable keywords and move onto the second step ,which is optimising your content around it…

(For more information on how to do that, check out the 'Keyword Research: Golden Rules' videos in the 'Training Videos' section here)

But what Market Samurai doesn’t do is help you uncover what people want to know about fishing lures, when they are typing that phrase into Google.

This is where Question Samurai comes in...

*Question Samurai is a “content topic” research tool.*

Keywords by themselves are valuable, but they are only part of the content picture, “the tip of the iceberg” if you will… Google takes a lot to factors into consideration when ranking content, and one of the big ones is how long people spend engaging with your content. So in order to create valuable share-worthy and rank-worthy content that appeals to your customers, you need to know what they actually want to know when they type keywords into Youtube and Google.

For example using our “trout fishing lures” keyword, Question Samurai could help you uncover that when people are searching for that keyword they really want to know “how to use trout fishing lures”, or “what are the best trout fishing lures”.

With this information you’ll now have a higher degree of confidence that the content you create for your business will resinate with your audience and give you a return on your content marketing investment.

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