2016 Update History

2016 Update History

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December 28th

December 9th

  • Santa came early this year and added a new Christmas song to Content Samurai - thanks, big guy!

December 2nd

  • The older we get, the LESS forgetful we're becoming. Now we remember the last section you were working on for each video!

November 21st

  • Made the vertical green bars, in the Preview section, more 'click and draggable'
  • Fixed video upload bug, now you can upload as many funny cat videos as you desire

November 18th

  • Are you a better singer than these so called "professionals" - I know I am! Now you can upload your own background music to your Content Samurai videos

November 9th

  • Minor bug fixes in the Preview section

November 8th

  • Make your video never-ending by dragging out the end of the timeline forever (or just a few seconds)!

November 3rd

  • Hoarding videos is now more manageable with the addition of Folders!

October 25th

  • Put the Script font size on a diet, so it's a better fit

October 19th

  • Fixed a pesky bug caused by Grammarly

October 18th

  • Hide text for 'Split By Sentence' video without even having to say the magic words

October 17th

  • Improved our built-in image search features to provide more relevant results (and hopefully more cat images)

October 10th

  • Fixed minor bug with special characters in video titles

September 12th

  • Added a cool new feature that auto-magically offers image suggestions, based off the words on the slide

August 29th

  • Downloaded videos now have the video title as the file name - hoorah!

August 24th

  • We now support voice track files with funny characters (like # and %)

August 18th

  • Fixed minor bug causing background music to play over an uploaded into clip

August 17th

  • We now have a free 7 day Content Samurai trial open - sign up here

August 9th

  • Fix a case where manual timing would go 'walk about' on silent videos.

August 4th

  • Uploading your own voice track is now LIVE!

July 28th

  • Custom Themes is now LIVE - create your own theme to match your brand!

July 13th

  • Added multiple splitting algorithms, you can now split your script by paragraph

July 19th

  • We just created a fun way to share your videos, get feedback and show off your work in our 'I Use Content Samurai' Facebook group - check it out here

July 7th

  • Added the option to allow music to be played over uploaded video clips

June 8th

  • Fixed minor caching bug
  • Fixed minor automatic slide timing bug

May 24th

  • Allow users without a Mic to make a video without recording Audio.

May 23rd

  • Add a better error message if Content Samurai can't hear any of the Audio Recordings.

May 18th

  • Add Custom Themes into the app - let's make some sexy videos!

April 5th

  • Added the ability to Add a New Slide, for those times in life when all you need is a new slide!

April 1st

  • Added a 'Click here to make $1,000,000' button here

February 22nd

  • Updated the Help Centre video with a sexy voice*
    *So says the person who recorded it

February 9th

  • Fixed minor issue with thumbnails not showing in Creative Commons section

February 8th

February 4th

  • Fixed some minor Chrome Flexbox issues (another classic case of Flexbox being Flexbox)! 

January 15th

  • You can now move and resize your images - if your pictures start to come to life and take over the city, like Ghostbusters 2, who you gon' call?  ...Noble Samurai Support!

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