Learning To Use The Preview Section

Learning To Use The Preview Section


Now that you've turned your script into Slides and recorded the Audio, you're ready to Preview your video!

Selecting the Background Track

On the left-hand side of the Preview section, you should see our Background Music tracks under the Recording Volume bar.

You can hover over each track and click the Play button to hear each song. 

When you click on a track it will turn blue, indicating that the track has been selected.

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Getting to the Preview section in Content Samurai

1) If you aren't already logged in, log in to Content Samurai at app.contentsamurai.com

2) Once logged in, click on the 'My Videos' button and select the video you want to Preview

3) Find the Preview button in the menu on the left-hand side of the app and click on it

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Generating a Preview

The first thing you should see when you move to this section is that Content Samurai needs to Generate a Preview of your video.

Unfortunately, this might take a little longer if your video has a lot of images or the runtime for your video is over 6 minutes long or roughly 125+ slides (give or take).

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Watching your Preview

Now that the Preview has generated you should see a screen similar to the screenshot on the right.

You can Play and Pause your video by using the spacebar or clicking the play Play and Pause buttons on the video.

If you find that the video isn't in sync, you can click the 'Manually Adjust Timing' button to do some manual tweaking

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Manually Adjusting Your Slides

After clicking the 'Manually Adjust Timing' button you should see a new bar appear along the bottom of the screen - this is your audio timeline that shows your recorded sentences and the slides that you've created.

You can see where the Slides match the Audio, so if there is a section that the Audio and Slides don't match, you can move the vertical bar for the slide into place by clicking and dragging it into place.

To make it easier to navigate around your audio timeline you can click anywhere, which will move the vertical red bar where you clicked. You can also Play and Pause by using the Spacebar.

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Where to from here?

Now that your timing looks good your ready to head to the final step and Download your video

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Remember all of your work saves automatically, so there's no need to press a save button before you continue.

Click here to go to the 'Download' Section tutorial.

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