Learning To Use The Script Section

Learning To Use The Script Section

Every great video starts with a great script. In fact, creating a script that is well written, compelling, and grammatically correct is the most important step in the process. It’s the foundation with which the audio and visuals in your video are built upon and needs to be both engaging and concise to impress your viewers.


Getting to the script section in Content Samurai

1) Log in to Content Samurai at app.contentsamurai.com

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2) Once logged in, click on the ‘My Videos’ button to ensure you are looking at your video dashboard

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3) From here, you can either create a new script by clicking the 'Create New Video Button, or edit an existing video and adjust its script. (click image to enlarge) 


 Video Name

What should you call your video? Well, that is entirely up to you! Your viewers won’t see this name, it’s only for you to see when you log into Content Samurai - so make sure you name your video something that will help you remember what the video is about.


Entering a video name


1) To enter your Video Name, click on the 'Video Name' box and enter the name of your video.

This can be changed at any time by coming back to the script section.

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This is where you put your script/article. You can either copy and paste an existing article/script you have from elsewhere, or you can type your script/article right there in the box. As mentioned earlier, it is vitally important that your script up to scratch. Here’s a quick checklist of things to make sure of after you have created your script.

  • Is the script free from grammatical and punctuation errors?
  • Is the script free from spelling errors?
  • Have I said everything I want to say in my script?

Whilst you can come back and edit the script at any time, doing things right the first time around will make the process that much easier for you, and save you from possibly having to re-record sections of your script later on.

Entering your article/script



1) To put your article into the Article box, click anywhere in the box and either paste an existing article or start typing your new script.




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2) Once you are happy with it, click the 'Create Slides For Your Video' button. This will automatically take you to the 'Slides' section

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Where to from here? 

Once you are happy with your script, make sure to click the 'Create Slides For Your Video' button as shown above so as to ensure your work is reflected in the slides. You can also click the Slides button from the menu on the left-hand side of the app.

Remember all of your work saves automatically, so there's no need to press a save button before you continue.

Click here to go to the 'Slides' Section tutorial.

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