Pro Tips - Script Section

Pro Tips - Script Section

Now that you're comfortable using Content Samurai and your ready to take your skills to the next level, check out these Pro Tips we have for using the Script section like a professional:

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Headline Section

The headline section is for you to title the video something you'll remember when you come back into the app, your title doesn't appear in the slide section.

If you want your title in the video, add it at the start of your script like in the screenshot to the right.

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Script Punctuation (How Content Samurai Finds Your Audio Sentences)

Adding punctuation to your script will benefit you later when you get to the Audio section, because this is where Content Samurai finds the sentences to break up into recordable chunks.

It doesn't matter how you design your slides, Content Samurai will take a look at your script and either find a period, ellipses, question mark, exclamation mark, line break etc. to split up the recordings.

I've marked my script in the screenshot to the right with red vertical lines where Content Samurai will split up the script into recordable chunks because of the punctuation before the line.

If you have large chunks of recordable sentences, try adding some punctuation in the Script section.

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  • Avatar
    Julia Darcy

    If I put those vertical lines in my script, it puts them on the slides.
    I don't want my whole spoken script on the slides anyway - it's not good presentation form...since I want it for a presentation and not for a sales video.
    I had to spend a lot of effort to get my words on the right slides. the slide creator smashed everything together.
    I have 12 slides yet audio only thinks there are two sentences.
    I'm going to try a workaround saying everything in the two sentences, but i'm thinking I can't stop and re-record.
    this has been a weird experience, plus very frustrating.

  • Avatar
    susan french

    Yes, I agree. Even the simplest of plans goes awry and takes hours to try to fix. Ultimately, after hours of frustration, I give up.

  • Avatar

    Julia... he didn't put them on his SLIDES! He's marked them on his example to show you where Content Samurai will pause after each punctuation mark. Did you not read properly what he wrote???