Troubleshooting - Upload Image Resolution

Troubleshooting - Upload Image Resolution

Content Samurai does it's best to auto scale the sizes of images to fit, but if the image isn't on a 16:9 scale you might find some of the image has been cropped out.

To get your picture to fit nice it needs to be either one of these two sizes:

Full slide images = 1280x720 pixels

Half slide images = 640x720 pixels

Here are instructions to resize images with Paint (Windows) and Preview (Mac):

Windows -

Mac -

If you're using an elongated image, like a banner, you might need to paste that image onto a blank Black or White image that fits the slide resolution.

Here are a few blank images that you can paste your image/banner onto before uploading it to Content Samurai:

(right click and Save As)

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