How to Use the Free Backlink Healthcheck Tool

The following is a brief outline of how to use our free Backlink HealthCheck tool.  Each step has an accompanying screenshot to illustrate what you need to do.

1. The first step is to get anchortext analysis data on your website.

You do this by entering your domain name as a "Custom URL" in the SEO Competition module, with this button:

 ET1.png (click to enlarge)
2. Click on the little triangle to expand the tools panel, then Anchor Text Analysis, as shown in this screenshot:  ET2.png (click to enlarge)

3. Next, click the button at the bottom to export your anchor text data:

This will produce a "CSV" file which you can save to your computer's local storage - the Desktop is usually convenient for short-term needs like this.

ET3.png (click to enlarge)

4. Now bring up the Backlink Health Check tool at -

Click the Browse button to load the CSV file you just produced in the previous step:

ET2.png (click to enlarge)
5. Now you can select which of your keywords are Brand, Target or Generic, and view the results: ET2.png (click to enlarge)

This is a 7-minute video where we describe the feature - it gives a complete demonstration of the process and some background info about how to interpret the results:

The link for the Backlink Healthcheck Tool is

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