Can I run Market Samurai on my iPad or Android tablet?

We regularly get questions on whether it's possible to run our products on iPads or Android tablets.

At the moment, Market Samurai depends on the Adobe AIR software framework.  This limits it (and related products like Domain Samurai) to running on desktop and laptop computers running Apple OSX, or Windows.  

While there is a version of AIR for the Android operating system, it does not support the features our software requires, so we can't easily port the software over to that platform.  For similar reasons, our software cannot run on iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Over the long term our goal is to move Market Samurai's features to a flexible cloud-based platform which can then be accessible from virtually any device and any operating system which can support a web browser.  Unfortunately, as yet we have no estimate on when this will be completed - there are several other projects in line ahead of this one!

It may be possible to use remote-desktop screen sharing software from a tablet to access your home desktop's copy of Market Samurai, and if you have any questions (or success stories) about this arrangement, please contact the support team!

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