Example Sales Script made with Vidsy

Example Sales Script made with Vidsy

We've had a few people ask us if they can see an example of a sales script created using Vidsy, so here's one from a recent test we did for our Scarcity Samurai WordPress plugin:


Does it frustrate you that your product or service never seems to generate the volume of sales and income you really want..?


I know exactly what it's like.


There's nothing more disappointing than having spent months (even years) creating and refining a product you believe will truly help people, only to then put it up online for sale and have it gather dust when no one buys it.


You feel like you've failed and the seeds of doubt begin to grow in your mind as you question the value of your product, and whether the whole exercise has just been a waste of your time.


Until now the only way to reverse this situation and get your sales flowing, has been to hire an experienced marketing consultant to review your offer, and put together a tailored plan to help you convert more of your visitors into buyers.


The problem with this option is that expert marketers (at least the good ones that get results) are hard to find and they're extremely busy. So even if you do manage to find one and twist their arm into help you out, you'll probably be looking at $500 per hour for their time, which is simply out of reach for most small business owners.


That's why today, I'm delighted to share with you our brand new  conversion tool for WordPress called "Scarcity Samurai" that is capable of boosting your online sales by over 200% - literally overnight. I know that may sound far fetched, but in a moment you'll see exactly how it all works, so stick with me for a few more minutes.


Hi, my name is Ben Galt and over the last 5 years I've been the copywriter behind countless 6 figure launches and promotions here at Noble Samurai...


And what I've proven over and over is that the easiest and most reliable way to ramp up your conversions is by adding a nail-biting sense of urgency to your offer - by adding a deadline.


It's really is that simple, and is literally the difference between an average result and a gob-smacking"where did all that money come from" kind of result. And the best part is when you apply it in your business, your sales and profits can double almost instantly.


More specifically, what Scarcity Samurai allows you to do is visualise and enforce deadlines around your product offers on your website with just a few clicks of your mouse -  dialling up the urgency in your customer's mind and pound on their emotional hot buttons to compel them to buy.


And what makes Scarcity Samurai different to every other website conversion tool out there is that it allows you to visualise your deadlines in a banner that sits on top of your web page content.


What this means is that as your visitors scroll down your page discovering all the benefits of your product, the deadline of your expiring special is constantly in their field of view ticking down like a time bomb.


This powerful visual anchor creates a tension in their bodies which continues to rise with each tick of the timer, building positive pressure around taking action - their only escape is to buy your product.


Let me show you exactly how Scarcity Samurai works.


Once installed, just come down here to the dashboard and select the Evergreen single-page wizard. Next I'll give the campaign a name and then choose my offer page here from the list of pages on my site. Next I'll enter the amount of time I want the page to be available for before it expires. For this example, I'll just make it a few minutes.


Next I can define what I want to happen when the timer runs out. In this case I want   the customer it to be redirected to page explaining that offer has ended, and that they missed out, so I'll just select that page here. Now all I have to do is choose how I want to visualize the deadline on my page.


I want it to be a banner that sits at the footer of the page, so I'll choose that option here. Then I can customize the banner to match my website by clicking the customize banner button.


First I'll choose a banner style, then type in a message, then select how I want the timer to look, and finally match the banner colors to my website.


Then when I'm done, to save this banner, I'll just click the save as button and give it a name. To finish up, just click the finish button down here, and that's it.


If I now click this button to go and view the page, you can see down here on the banner exactly how much time is left before the page expires, counting down in real time. If we fast forward to the final seconds, you'll see that I'm redirected to an expired page.


The shocking part is that during our initial tests, this one change repeatedly boost sales for multiple different products by up to 200%, which is just crazy.


To put that into perspective that's double your profits and income, for what you've just seen takes less than a minute of your time.


Return on investment doesn't get much better than that...


However what you've just seen hasn't even scratched the surface of the powerful features inside Scarcity Samurai


You can also:


* Run event based promotions around specific calendar dates like Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter, pumping massive spikes of cash into your bank account almost every month of the year.


* Create evergreen product launches that integrate seamlessly with your email auto-responder, allowing you to create unique scarcity offers that are personalised to each new subscriber.


* Roll out highly profitable product launches that span over days, or weeks, with multiple pages, videos, and offers, that all integrate effortlessly with your email autoresponder. Just click a few buttons, and you're making money.


* Share and visualise your deadline across multiple pages (or posts), and expire them all at the same time, completely on autopilot - dialing up your conversion rates at every single checkpoint.


* Set up urgency fueled marketing campaigns in seconds using one of four simple step-by-step wizards - without having to write a single line of complicated code.


* Secure your special offer with Fort Knox security using Scarcity Samurai's email integration. Track your subscribers email address, cookie, and the timestamp of their registration, making it nearly impossible for them to sidestep your deadline.


* Overlay gorgeous ‘header' and ‘footer' banners over your content as you scroll down the page, anchoring your deadline in your customer's field of view, guaranteeing they never escape the urgency of your offers.


* Fully customize your urgency banners with nail-biting countdown timers, eye-popping buttons, clickable links, and irresistible sales copy.


* Create red hot call to actions that your customers are compelled to click on.


* Effortlessly design your urgency banners in a few clicks using the simple "Drag and Drop" banner editor. No need for any messy short-codes or HTML.


* Add urgency to both your website ‘Pages' and ‘Posts', and harness your Blog (as well as your Sales Pages) as a way to put high-converting, profit-sucking offers in front of your customers.


With over 4,229 business owners currently using Scarcity Samurai to boost their online sales, the response we've had has been incredible. Here's just a few of the hundreds of comments I've received from happy Scarcity Samurai customers around the world:



Logan Christopher said "Sales have been pouring in. It is easy to install, can be setup in seconds, and it just works.


Tom Swan wrote: "Talk about a PAY RAISE!! I can see already that my income will more than double this year with this program. I can't wipe the smile off my face."


Bill Hamburg said: "We had to shut down the page after 5 days because the response was so high, afraid we couldn't deliver on all the sales."


And David Bain wrote: "Scarcity Samurai is one of those rare software tools that you pick up every couple of years, and it changes your whole business".



With so many amazing features, incredible results, and glowing reviews, by now you're probably wondering how much your investment is going to be get your copy of Scarcity Samurai


And that's a fair question given that in the past the only way to create and enforce nail-biting urgency like this around your products online, was to hire a developer and spend thousands of dollars to have them build a custom system for you.


In fact that's exactly what We did to create Scarcity Samurai for ourselves...


However, because we've already been through that expensive development process, the hard costly work has already been done for you.


Scarcity Samurai comes with two types of licenses.


The single user license for $97 which allows you to use Scarcity Samurai on one website...


And the Pro license for $197 that allows you to use Scarcity Samurai on an UNLIMITED number of domains and Wordpress installations.




As a strictly limited special offer, if you order your copy of Scarcity Samurai today we'll upgrade you to the FULL UNLIMITED “Pro License” for FREE!


This means you can have the pro version of Scarcity Samurai doubling your income on as many websites as you like, for the same low price as the single user version.


That's is a FULL 50% OFF!


However, this offer is only available today. and it expires the moment you leave this page...


So if you want to start raking in sales and receive a constant flow of income from your products online, and you want to be able to do so for half the price that most people pay, just click the "Add To Cart" button below this video now.


In fact, we're so confident that Scarcity Samurai will work for you, that if you don't at least double your sales within the first month of using it (yes that's right DOUBLE your sales), just send us an email to support@noblesamurai.com and we'll refund you the full purchase price, no questions, no hassles.


Look you've struggled to make the sales and income that could make a real tangible difference in your life for long enough.


In just a few minutes you could be earning twice the income from your online business than you are right now.


Imagine how good it will feel opening your email inbox every morning and seeing a flood of new sales notifications from around the world. You then flick over to your online banking and see the cold hard cash piling up in your account faster than you've ever seen before.


That's what I want for you, and I know it's what you want for yourself. So grab your copy of Scarcity Samurai Pro now for Half-Price and start doubling your income today.

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