Scriptnami FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Scriptnami:


What web browser can I use with Scriptnami?

Scriptnami currently supports the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.


How can I reset my password for Scriptnami?

You can reset your password here:


How do I delete a script I don't want?

Simply click the 'Delete' link to the right of the script title.



How do I manage my Scriptnami subscription?

You can change your payment method for Scriptnami, or cancel your subscription, via our online account system as follows:

1. Log into the account system at (You can use the "Forgot your password?" link to get a password sent to you if this is your first time logging in here).

2. Click the "My Software and Services" button.

3. Click the "Manage Service" button for Scriptnami.

4. If you are wanting to update your billing details, click the "Billing Details" button, you'll then be able to follow the listed steps to specify your new billing details.

Or if you are wanting to cancel your Scriptnami subscription you can do that by clicking the "Cancel Subscription" button.


I've completed my Scriptnami script and have copied it to the clipboard - where is my clipboard?

When you use the 'copy'  feature on your computer, the text is stored on your clipboard - a 'place' on your computer where text is temporarily stored so that you can access it later. If text is "copied to your clipboard", you can use the 'paste' feature to 'paste' (insert) the text somewhere - in the Scriptnami scenario if you copy your script, you should then be able to open a text editor, like notepad or Microsoft Word, and paste the script that is on your 'clipboard'.


How can I download my script?

If you want to save your script outside of Scriptnami, you'll need to copy it to your clipboard, paste it into a text editor, then save the file.

We've found Google Drive to be a great way to store scripts, and is also a great way to collaborate on work within a team.


Why aren't the help videos for each step playing?

There are many reasons why the videos may not be playing, here are some things to check:

  • Make sure you are using Chrome or Firefox - other browsers may not support the embedded YouTube videos
  • Disable any ad blocking extensions you have installed in your browser
  • Your network administrator may have blocked YouTube

If the you still can't get the videos to play, please contact our support team - be sure you let them know what operating system and browser you are using.


Where did the pants-less cat go?

He's taking a break from the online world and is now wandering around our office seeking tummy rubs.


How can I edit my script when I'm done?

You can open an existing script by clicking on the script title - this will open up the completed script and you can begin editing. The other option is to copy your script and save it in a text editing program, which you can then use to further improve your script.


What tools can I use to make a video from my script?

Here is a list of tools that you can use to turn your script into a sales video:

- Recommended Microphone

Yeti Microphone (Amazon Affilaite Link)

- Pop Filter

Make Your Own
Buy On eBay

- Audio Recording

Porta Booth

- Audio & Screen Recording

Camtasia (Windows)
Screenflow (Mac OS X)

- Slide Editing

Powerpoint (Windows)
Keynote (Mac OS X)

- Audio Sweetening

Royalty Free Music


Is there a minimum term or can I cancel at anytime? 

You can cancel or unsubscribe anytime you want, just head to 'My Account', click Scriptnami from the list of programs, then select the 'Cancel Subscription' button.


Why is it a monthly fee, I want a one off price? 

With any online service, ongoing expenses are part of life (e.g. technical infrastructure, staffing, support etc) and without these critical components, the service may work today, but stop working tomorrow. This is a sacrifice we’re not willing to make…

We understand this means that Scriptnami is not for everyone, and that’s OK... If your business isn’t yet at a stage where making sales is a priority, perhaps you should hold off for now…

With Scriptnami our aim is to support committed action-taking business owners who recognise that marketing is vital to generating sales and income online - and who are willing to invest in a proven system that increases their speed of execution and makes the whole process insanely easy.


Can I use it for another language other than English?

Scriptnami was designed with the English language, so all of the videos and examples are written in English.

You might be able to use Google Chrome's translation to convert the text into another language, although the result might not make sense (the English language is a hard one to translate).

Furthermore, the instructional videos are only available in English, even if you've translated the text on the page to another language.

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