Upgrading your WordPress installation

Upgrading your WordPress installation

In order to run Scarcity Samurai, you'll need to be running WordPress 3.5 or later - if you've got an earlier version, you'll need to update - and here's how:

Note: Before you upgrade your WordPress, you may want to back-up your site. WordPress themselves give backup instructions here

Most versions of WordPress contain an automatic update function. If there's a more recent version of WordPress available, just log into your admin panel and you should see a upgrade prompt like this:


Just click on the 'Please Update Now' button, then on the update page click 'Update Automatically' - and WordPress should automatically update.


If you're not seeing that update bar, then you may need to upgrade manually. Here are WordPress update instructions here


If you experience any issue at all during this process, please contact support by emailing support@noblesamurai.com, and let us know what seems to be your issue.

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