Fixed date countdown time doesn't save

Fixed date countdown time doesn't save

If you have a campaign that uses a fixed date countdown timer, and the time you set isn't saving correctly (i.e. you set the time to 23:00, but after clicking 'update' the time reverts back to something like 15:00), then this indicates that either the timezone set in the WordPress settings is incorrect, or the time on the hosting server is incorrect.

To set the timezone in WordPress, navigate to your WordPress blog dashboard. Click on the Settings option, and choose General.

On the Settings > General page, find the section labeled Timezone. Select a city in the same timezone as you. A city is preferred if one is available, rather than choosing UTC options.

If you do not find a city that accurately reflects your timezone, you may need to choose a specific UTC selection. WordPress provides you with the current UTC time. Calculate your time accordingly.

As each hosting provider utilizes different technology, it's best to contact your hosting provider to check that the server time is correct.

If you still have problems after setting the correct timezone in WordPress, and ensuring your hosting servers time is correct, then please contact our support team

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