Manually searching for a plugin update

Manually searching for a plugin update

By default WordPress searches for updates every 12 hours, which can be a little delayed if you already know there's an update available.

Here are the steps involved in manually searching for an update:

1. After logging into your WordPress account, make sure your Scarcity Samurai plugin is 'Activated' - otherwise you can't manually search for updates

2. You might notice that there's an update available by the 'Update Available' message under Scarcity Samurai in your menu.



3. Click the 'Dashboard' option in the side menu bar, then select the 'Updates' sub-menu

Alternatively, you can hover over the 'Dashboard' menu, and then select the 'Updates' sub-menu



4. If Scarcity Samurai doesn't show on this page, click the 'Check Again' button


Note - If you are sure there is an update available, you might have to click the 'Check Again' button a few times before the update shows.



5. If Scarcity Samurai comes up with a newer version, click the checkbox for it, and select the 'Update Plugins' button 



6. If the update was successful, you should see this screen with a message displaying "Scarcity Samurai updated successfully.



If you run into any issues along the way, feel free to contact support here.

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