Creating a custom 'token' field with AWeber

Creating a custom 'token' field with AWeber

In order to create a multi-page evergreen campaign in Scarcity Samurai using AWeber, you'll need to have a list with a custom token field, and an opt-in form.

This article will explain how to create a custom token field in AWeber. You'll need to be logged into your AWeber account, and you'll need to select the email list you'd like to use in your evergreen campaign. If you haven't created a list yet, click here for the steps to create one.

 1. Hover over the "My Lists" menu, and select "Custom Fields" from that menu.


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2. To stop people from being able to refresh the page and reset the offer, Scarcity Samurai requires a custom 'token'.

All you need to do is add the word "token" into the custom fields text box, and click the green "+" button, followed by the green "Save" button - Scarcity Samurai will do the rest for you!

*Note - you will need to add a custom 'token' field to any lists you want to use in an evergreen campaign, since Scarcity Samurai requires it.



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If you run into issues creating your custom 'token' field, please don't hesitate to get in touch with support.

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