Timer resetting when page refreshed

Timer resetting when page refreshed

If your Scarcity Samurai countdown timer keeps resetting when you refresh the page, this is actually expected behaviour - if you're logged into your Wordpress site as an admin.

Scarcity Samurai sets a special admin cookie, so that you can always view your pages as though you were a user accessing the page for the first time. If this wasn't set, you'd run into the problem of not being able to access pages once the offer expires.

To check if the timer is counting down, you need to open up an incognito/private window in your browser (or open up the link in a different web browser and clear the cookies), and then go to the page you want to check (do not log in as an admin to your site, you want to act as a 'regular' visitor to your site). You should now be able to refresh the page and the countdown timer will remember how much time you have remaining before the offer expires.

If it still isn't working as you think it should, please submit a ticket and our support team with help you out.

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