Finding the manual Scarcity Samurai settings

Finding the manual Scarcity Samurai settings

When you log into your WordPress account, click the 'Pages' menu from the side-bar, then open the page to start editing the page you want to add Scarcity Samurai to.


 After the page is ready for editing, scroll down to the bottom of the page, until you see the Scarcity Samurai page settings.

Note* - If your Scarcity Samurai settings are hidden, you might need to click the "Scarcity Samurai" header to show the settings


 Here you can add custom Scarcity Samurai settings to your page, that the wizard doesn't cover - like setting your timer to count down to a fixed time, customising the banner, or putting access restriction on your page.

                             (click this to view a larger image version)

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