Creating a temporary Admin account for WordPress

Creating a temporary Admin account for WordPress

If you are running into some unknown issues on your site, that require a developer to dig a little deeper, you will need to create a temporary Administrator account that you can delete after the issue is resolved.

Here are the steps involved in creating a temporary Administrator account on your WordPress site:

Once your logged in to your WordPress site, click the 'Users' tab from the sidebar - then click the 'Add New' option that's outlined in this image.



From here you can add a new user - you will need to keep the username "nstestacc", with the email being one of your email addresses (you can enter if you don't have a separate email address that's not your original admin address).

Please note that even if you use as the email address, you need to let us know the username and password via your support ticket.

First name, last name and website aren't required, but when it comes to the password you will need to enter a unique password - then send that password to us in reply to the email we sent you asking for admin access.

The final step is to change the 'Role' to 'Administrator' so we have full access to find the issue on your site.



In trying to troubleshoot the issue you're having, we will have to make some changes to your site, and sometimes these changes can have unintended consequences. The changes we make involve the activation and deactivation of themes and plugins.

There are cases where this has lead to WordPress sites becoming unresponsive, requiring FTP access to effectively resolve any problems that have been made.

If you reply with your admin details for us to test with, you are giving explicit permission for us to change themes and change the status of plugins. We do our best to return your site to it's original state after troubleshooting, but it is best to log in and double check that everything is in full working order.

If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate submit a ticket here.

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