Backlink Information

We use Majestic SEO to get backlink data for Samurai products, since Google does not supply it in any useful way.

Majestic record this data in two indexes – the Fresh index and the Historic index.  The Fresh index is updated daily, and contains all links that the crawlers have seen in the last 60 days.  The Historic index contains all the links that the crawlers have ever seen, but it is only updated every few weeks.

If a link hasn’t been seen by their web crawlers in the last 60 days (for any of a number of reasons) it will drop out of the Fresh Index, but will remain in the Historic index.  In either case, Google's valuation of a given link may vary.

The basis of the Citation Flow and Anchor Text analysis features is the Fresh index, regardless of what you have selected on the main SEO Competition screen. We recommend using the Fresh index for most purposes, especially when tracking active campaigns (yours, or a competitor's)

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