Keywords Disappear During Analysis

Market Samurai performs automatic filtering of your keywords. The default filter is the "Golden Rules" filter, which is explained in the tutorial videos in our training dojo - - they're designed to filter out keywords with low traffic and/or high competition according to general values we've found appropriate for most users.

If most or all your keywords are being removed once you perform your keyword analysis, this is most likely because few of them meet the "Golden Rules" requirements.

If you wish to remove the filtering you can use the dropdown menu labelled "Filters" on the Keyword Analysis page to select the option "No Filters". Or you can adjust the filters to your own preferences, and save the custom settings as well.

Remember, no one set of filters can be ideal for every market and every strategy.  Our defaults are suggestions, starting points - experience will teach you what's right for your situation.

More information on filters can be found in this video.

If you still need help, please don't hesitate to get in touch with support here.

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