Turning on cookies in your default system browser

If you have received this message:



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... this means that your cookies are turned off in your systems default inbuilt browser (NOTE: For Windows this is specifically INTERNET EXPLORER and for OS X this is SAFARI. Even if you usually use another browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, cookies MUST be turned on in your systems default inbuilt browser.

To remedy this follow the applicable instructions below:

Internet Explorer

1) Close Market Samurai

2) Open Internet Explorer by clicking the 'Start' button , and then clicking 'Internet Explorer'.

3) Click the 'Tools' button, and then click 'Internet Options'.

Note - The 'Tools' button is show as a gear cog in the newer version of Internet Explorer, located in the top right corner

4) Click the 'Privacy' tab, and then, under 'Settings', move the slider closer to the top to allow cookies, and then click OK



1) Close Market Samurai

1) Open Safari

2) Click the 'Safari' menu at the top left of your screen, then select 'Preferences'

3) Click the 'Privacy' tab, and then next to "Block cookies and other website data", select 'From third parties and advertisers

4) Close Safari


You can now reopen Market Samurai and run the application as normal.


If you run into any issues along the way, please don't hesitate to get in touch with support here.

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