2013 Keword Research Changes

In the middle of 2013, when we switched over to the new Keyword Planner build of Market Samurai, we started defaulting to Exact match data (see here for more details: http://www.noblesamurai.com/blog/market-samurai/new-google-keyword-planner-tool-market-samurai-update-3661/ ).

As of Market Samurai version 92.10,  Market Samurai will only display exact match results. In addition to this, PBR (Phrase to Broad ratio), AWI (Adwords Impressions), and our own Adwords CTR (Adwords Click though ratio) have also been removed.

The advantages of this are a much quicker and smoother experience when using Market Samurai, a more targeted approach to keyword research using Exact match metrics, and less confusion surrounding unreliable results. We also have some more exciting changes in the coming months that will enrich the the keyword research process, as well as some exciting new features in the SEO Competition module.
We understand that these changes may impact the way some people use Market Samurai, so if you have any questions regarding Market Samurai and the Keyword Research process, please email us at support@noblesamurai.com or submit a support ticket here.

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