Checking User Account Privileges (Windows)

While you don't need Administrator privileges in Windows to do most everyday tasks, in order to install most software easily, you need to have Administrator privileges on the user account you're logged into at the time of installation. 

You can make sure your usual account has Administrator privileges using the instructions below (though it can be easier just to log into the Administrator account for installs!)

Start by going to the Start button (or Windows logo button) in the lower-left corner, and then clicking on "Control Panel".

In Windows:
- Click on "User Accounts", then "User Accounts" again, and check that the account you're logged into shows as "Administrator".

If it's not, you'll need to log out and log back in under the Administrator account anyway, in order to promote your user account.  If you don't know what your Administrator password is, try leaving it out, it may be blank (but you should create one while you're there, as not having one can be a security risk!)

Some helpful screenshots for what this should look like once you get to the Control Panel:
Windows Vista: Step 1Step 2
Windows 7/8/10  Step 1Step 2

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