Market Samurai opens to a screen with a progress indicator and hangs (Windows)

This problem is most likely caused by damage to your installation of Market Samurai.

To fix this problem you'll need to clean everything up and then reinstall Market Samurai.

Firstly, please uninstall Market Samurai, via Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove programs.

Then download and use the Windows CleanUp utility to ensure that everything's gone:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Windows CleanUp Utility was previously available via the Microsoft website. It was removed due to issues with it causing instability in other programs. We have never had any reports of any instability after the utility was used to remove Market Samurai, however you use the file at your own risk. You can view Microsoft's description of the issue here:

Download, install & run this. You may need to right click and 'run as administrator' to run this.

Then, remove C:\Program Files\Market Samurai and all the files within.

Another folder which needs to be cleared out can most easily be accessed by copying the entire line of text below to the clipboard:


...then pasting it into your Start menu, as shown in these illustrations:

Windows 7:
Windows 8:
Windows 10 -

Just delete the entire contents of the folder, then attempt to reinstall.

If this doesn't do the trick, contact the support team for more advice!

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