I've lost my registration details / My software says 'trial' when I have paid

If you have lost your registration details, registration key or download link for any Noble Samurai product, you can to get your details sent to you again by clicking here

If you are sent the wrong details (i.e. you get a key for a trial copy rather than for your paid copy), in 100% of cases it's because the email address you entered does not have a paid copy of the software associated with it. Either the email address is not the one that you purchased the software with, or you've changed your registered email address in the past on our account system.

To fix this, we'll need you to submit a ticket with the PayPal transaction ID from your purchase. You can get this from PayPal via the search functionality (search for 'payments@noblesamurai.com'). Unless we have this, we will be unable to locate your account.

If you're still getting the wrong details, please submit a support ticket and we'll do all we can to help you get access to your account again!

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