Damaged Installer File (No Anti Virus)

If you are receiving a message regarding a damaged installer file, and you do not have Anti Virus installed, please follow the instructions for your operating system below. (If you do have Anti Virus installed, use these instructions instead)


Windows Vista/ Windows 7

- Go to http://support.microsoft.com/mats/Program_Install_and_Uninstall/en-us to run "Microsoft Fix-It", which is designed to clean up problems which can get in the way of uninstalling and reinstalling software. Run the tool then:

1) Select 'Detect problems and let me select fixes to apply'
2) Select 'Uninstalling'
3) Select 'Adobe Air'
4) Select 'Yes, try to uninstall'
5) Make sure all checkboxes are checked and click next

Once this is complete, please download and install the latest version of Adobe Air from http://get.adobe.com/air

From here, attempt another install of Market Samurai.


Windows 10

1) Uninstall Market Samurai by going to Add Remove Programs in Control Panel (if you've already uninstalled it, skip this step)

2) Click on the Start button in Windows, and type in %AppData% then push enter.

3) A File Explorer window should popup, and in the list there should be two folders with the word MarketSamurai in them - one is 'MarketSamurai' and the other is MarketSamurai with a random sequences of numbers after it, like 'MarketSamurai.64235435fe34.  Delete both folders, then empty your recycle bin.

4) Download the Market Samurai installer from here, and re-install Market Samurai: http://download.marketsamurai.com.s3.amazonaws.com/MarketSamurai.1.0.0.air


Mac OS X

1) Drag Market Samurai from your Applications folder to the Trash.
2) Go to Finder -> Applications -> Utilities and run Adobe AIR Uninstaller to uninstall Adobe AIR.
3) Download a fresh copy of Adobe AIR from http://get.adobe.com/air
4) Download a fresh copy of Market Samurai from your unique download link
5) Install Adobe AIR.
6) Install Market Samurai.

If you continue to run into issues let us know here.

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