Market Samurai crashing on OS X 10.9

A quick Google search shows a lot of users of OS X 10.9 are having trouble with Adobe Air based apps crashing, including Market Samurai. The best solution so far has been the following:

1) Close Market Samurai


2) Use Spotlight by hitting Command+Spacebar and then type “Keychain Access” and hit return


3) Open the “Keychain Access” menu and choose “Keychain First Aid”


4) Enter the users password and check the “Repair” box, then click “Start” 


5) After keychain repairs are completed, exit out of Keychain Access and return to Market Samurai. You may be asked one more time for your registration details, but from this point on it should be able to run Keyword Research.

If you continue to have issues please submit a support ticket.

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