How do I install Market Samurai? (Windows)


*This is an article for installing Market Samurai and Domain Samurai. These instructions are for Market Samurai, but the process is the same for Domain Samurai.*

To install Market Samurai, go to your unique download link that you received in the email with your registration details. If you haven't received your download link or registration details, click here to get your details sent again.

From your unique download page there are two ways to install Market Samurai - Manual or Automatic. The automatic option is the easiest, but you may need to manually install if the automatic install option is not available for you.


1. Automatic Installer

To install Market Samurai automatically, just look for, and click this image on your unique download page.


(click to enlarge image)

If you're using the Chrome browser, you will be presented with the manual installation instructions directly as there is currently an incompatibility with the Adobe AIR automatic installation process - see below.


2. Manual Installation

To install Market Samurai manually, you'll first need to download the installer files for both Market Samurai and Adobe AIR to your desktop.

    1. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe AIR.
    2. Click on the "latest version of Market Samurai" link on your unique download page to download the latest version of Market Samurai

Once you've downloaded them to your desktop, double click the installer for Adobe AIR to install it.

Once Adobe AIR is installed, you can double click on the Market Samurai installer file to install Market Samurai. 

If you already have Adobe AIR installed on your computer, you can skip downloading the AIR install file, and just download Market Samurai.


3. Installation Process

Step 1 - Whether you have downloaded Market Samurai to your computer and double clicked the file, or clicked the "Install Now" option from the automatic install, this is the first screen you will see during the install process


(click to enlarge image)


Step 2*The next step is to select "Open"
*Note: You won't see this option if you chose the manual install option, and downloaded the installer file to your computer before running it.


(click to enlarge image)
Step 3 - Select "Install" to install the software on your computer


(click to enlarge image)
Step 4*Choose where to install the application
*Note: We recommend keeping the default location


(click to enlarge image)
*Note - Your install location may be different, we still recommend using the default location.*
Step 5 -  Allowing Adobe AIR and Market Samurai to be installed
*Note: You will only see this dialogue box if you are running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and have User Account Control enabled


(click to enlarge image)
Step 6 - If the install was successful, you should see Market Samurai!

(click to enlarge image)
*Note - This is just an example of a working Market Samurai - you will need to open the program from your computer to see this screen.


If you don't see this screen or if you see an error anywhere during the installation process, please don't hesitate to contact support by clicking here. Please make sure to include the exact error message you received, or a screenshot of the error. This enables us to have a better understanding of exactly what the problem is and we'll be able to solve the issue a lot quicker! 
More information on creating a screenshot can be found here - - if you need help.

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