Unable to connect to the registration server

Error: Market Samurai could not connect to the registration server. Please try again in 10-15 minutes. If you are still receiving this error please click here for more information.


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The above error appears when your computer is being prevented from reaching our registration server. 

There are a few things you can check to try and find the cause of this issue:

  1. If it's been more than a few months since you used your Noble Samurai software, it's possible that it's still trying to contact an old server we had to decommission in mid-2012. 
    Check our Manual Installation instructions - Windows or Mac, see step 2 - which will let you work around this issue and restore normal automatic updates in the future. 
    NOTE: If your software was working OK until recently - say, a week or a month ago - then this is not your problem!

  2. Are you able to visit our website http://www.MarketSamurai.com in your operating system's default browser? 

    This is Internet Explorer under Windows, and Safari on a Mac. Even if you use another browser for everyday surfing, you'll need to check the default browser as Market Samurai uses the system default browser internally. If you can't access this site, please make sure that it is an Allowed site in the browser settings.
  3. Are you running any internet security or anti-malware packages such as firewalls, Norton/McAfee, Net Nanny etc packages?

    If you are, make sure that both Market Samurai and Adobe AIR are listed as permitted to access the internet.
  4. Are Market Samurai's proxy settings correct?

    You can check Market Samurai's proxy settings by going into the Settings menu (or "Preferences" on a Mac), clicking the Proxies tab, and making sure that the "Use Built-in Proxies" is selected while "Use Custom HTTP Proxies" is not selected. Here's a screenshot to illustrate:
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If you need further assistance please submit a ticket here.

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