How to create a debug log

Often, when you are having technical problems with a Samurai product, a debug log can help the support team narrow down the cause of the problem.  It records the internal activities of Samurai software and can capture key pieces of information to aid debugging.

(this article will refer to "Market Samurai" to simplify wording, but the process is the same for Domain Samurai and Article Samurai)

On a Windows system, you can create a debug log by opening Market Samurai, going to the File menu, then to Settings, then select the tab labelled Debugging and check the box labeled "Log Extended Debugging information". 

On a Mac, go to the Market Samurai menu, then to Preferences, then into the Debugging tab and enable "Log Extended Debugging information". 

Then repeat the steps that led to your encountering the issue.

It's vital that you try to reproduce your problem after enabling debugging, as this is the process that will fill the debugging log with the information we need. 

Finally, go back to the debugging menu and the option to upload the file will be available, click this button and wait for the file to be uploaded.  Please note the number shown in the dialog box, and when you submit your ticket make sure you include your debug log number so we can find it!

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 (You can go ahead and un-check the "Log Extended Debugging Information" after this is completed, as the extra data collection can slow Market Samurai down slightly.)

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