How to use Dropbox to share project files across multiple installs (MAC)

If you have a number of copies of Market Samurai across multiple computers, you may find it handy to store the project files in a Dropbox folder, as it allows you to work on the same project file regardless of which computer you are working from. 

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1) The first thing you need to do is install Dropbox on your computer (if you don't already have it). It's free and easy, just head here: 
2) Once you've installed Dropbox, open up a 'Finder' window, then open up the 'Dropbox' folder and create a folder to store your project files in. For this example we've called the folder "MarketSamuraiProjects"
 3) Move any existing project files to your new Dropbox folder so you can access them from all computers.
 4) Install Dropbox on all computers that you have installed Market Samurai on. Then browse to the Dropbox folder when you open Market Samurai, and open the project you wish to work on.
 5) When creating a new project in Market Samurai (or Article Samurai/Domain Samurai), click the 'Browse' button and navigate to the Dropbox folder where you wish to save the project file (in this case it is /Users/Tom/Dropbox/MarketSamuraiProjects).


So that's it, a quick and easy way to have access to all of your project files from all of the computers you work from!


If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact support.

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