How to export data from Market Samurai into Microsoft Excel (Mac)

**Whilst this guide is written for Market Samurai, the process is the same for Article Samurai and Domain Samurai.


You can export data that is returned in a Market Samurai search, by using the built-in "Export" button. This easy to use feature will allow you to present your data, in a neat and professional spreadsheet in just a few steps:


              • Open Market Samurai 
              • Click on the Keyword Research module 
              • Either choose an existing keyword, or create a new one
              • If you're creating new keywords, click the "Generate Keyword" button to populate a keyword list
              • When you have your keywords, click the "Keyword Analysis" button
              • Make sure all the data fields are there that you want displayed** (SEOT, AWCPC, etc.)
              • Click the "Export" button in the bottom right of the screen
**Note - If you are seeing blank data fields, try clicking the "Analyze Keywords" button again. More information can be found here.
  • Save the .csv file* (in this example we've titled it "Market Samurai analysis"
*Note - If you would like to save a text file of keywords without the additional data, click the "Keyword Generation" button and use the "Export" button from the Keyword Generation page.
  • Open Microsoft Excel
  • Choose the "Open File" option
  • Click the drop-down menu and change to the "All Files" option from "All Readable Documents"
  • Navigate to where the .csv file is saved (in this example it is saved on the Desktop and is called "Market Samurai analysis.csv"
  • Select your .csv file and click 'Open'. That's it, your data will load into an easy to read spreadsheet!

If you run into any issues during this process, please don't hesitate to submit a ticket to support by clicking here. If you see an error message, please include what you are seeing in the support ticket - either in text or by attaching an image of the error.

More information on creating a screenshot can be found here - - if you need help.

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