How to manually upload a debug log

If you cannot upload your debug log through Market Samurai, you need to get to the folder where it's stored on your hard drive.

The easiest way for Windows users to do this is by copying the entire line of text below to the clipboard:

%AppData%\MarketSamurai.6E37012E1CBD7F47B14488FCC715944F3EBDCEDC.1\Local Store

...then pasting it into your Start menu, as shown in these illustrations:
Windows 7:
Windows 8:
Windows 10 -

If you're using Mac OS X, open your finder and go to:
Users/Username/Library/Preferences/MarketSamurai.6E37...[ long number ]/Local Store

Once you see the Debug folder right-click it and select the Compress option then send it to us as an email attachment.

If you can't find your Library folder open finder, and find 'Go' from the top menu bar and hold down the 'Option' button - a Library selection should appear and you can go from there.




If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to let us know here.

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